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The Guide To Using Componentized Pages

Featured Product Layout

This component combines a purchase form with product details and image gallery or video.

Class Override/Product Overide: Choose the class or product. You can leave it blank if a product or class has already been added to the componentized page

Media: Add an Image Carousel, Video or Image here. Typically we use the Image Carousel for a supplement and Video for a class.

Pre-Heading Logo: Use an image instead of text for the pre-heading. Primarily used for sponsored/partner pages.

Product Description: This contains the text that will appear describing the product

Form: This can be a Purchase Form or a Signup Form




The Complete Guide To Yoga


Everything You Need To Know To Create An At-Home Yoga Practice That Sustains You


  • A comprehensive guide covering fundamental and advanced yoga practices
  • Tips and tricks for improving your technique
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